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Alcore Process

Alcore has developed improved methods of: 

  1. Recovering fluorine from stable fluorine compounds
  2. Controlling the reactions of fluorine acids with metal oxides

These two advances enable Alcore to:

  1. Recover fluorine from a wider range of materials, including wastes
  2. Produce fluorine-based products using feed materials with higher levels of impurities than those traditionally used. Again these can be waste materials.


Alcore’s laboratory is the only laboratory of its type in Australia, and one of only about a dozen in the world, that is suitable for operation with concentrated fluorine acids.

Strict safety requirements for the storage and use of concentrated fluorine acids represent a significant barrier to entry for potential competitors.

Alcore Laboratory

Intellectual Property

The technologies for controlling the reactions of fluorine acids with metal oxides were originally developed by CORE Intelligence Australia Pty Ltd (CIAPL). Alcore has an exclusive licence from CIAPL to use the CORE technologies to produce aluminium fluoride globally and for all products in Tasmania.

Alcore has developed significant knowhow for all parts of the Alcore process. The patenting strategy is being developed.


TasTech technology allows ABx to separate Tasmanian bauxite into the 3 constituent product-types:

  1. High grade, ultra-cleaned metallurgical-grade bauxite for the aluminium industry;
  2. Cement-grade bauxite for the manufacture of certified, high specification cement;
  3. Fertiliser-grade bauxite for the fertiliser industry.