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Refractory-grade bauxite located in ABx's tenement at Penrose, New South Wales, is in strong demand. Located in a pine plantation 90km inland of Port Kembla NSW (see Figure 1 below), it contains a bottom layer grading 55% Al2O3 and very low iron content suitable for refractory bauxite applications.  Overlying the grey-white bauxite layer is a two-metre thick layer of high grade metallurgical bauxite. The strategy for Penrose is to sell each layer to separate customers but a primary customer-partner is needed. 

ABx has concluded that whilst Penrose bauxite is ideal feedstock for the ALCORE bauxite refining technology, it is best for the manufacture of an Australia building product and separate sale of other layers. ABx has drafted a business proposal but this work has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Figure 1 : Location of the Penrose Bauxite project area